Faro UDD is a multidisciplinary center for humanities and social science created by the University of Desarrollo (UDD). It has been conceived as an academic space of thought that searches to contribute to the wellbeing of Chile and its citizens through the creation of solid contents, the enrichment of national public debate and the formation of young academic talent; all connected with the ethical foundation of the representative democracy and free society.

The University of Desarrollo aims for Faro UDD to explore the discredit that over the last few decades has affected the assessment of the ideas that promote a society of free individuals, and to recover the consensus formerly existing in Chile, in connection with the need to promote and respect institutions as the foundations of national coexistence.


At UDD there is the conviction that universities are called to play a preponderant role as promoters of informed debate on ideas, and as articulators of basic social consensus that allow development and social peace to be achieved. UDD strongly believes that universities are convened to play a key role as promoters of well informed debates of ideas, and as articulators of basic social agreements that enable the achievement of development and social peace.

These roles are already a widespread reality in the international academic community, where the existence of study centers affiliated to prestigious higher education institutions are a consolidated trend. Accordingly, FARO UDD aims to make an innovative contribution to local academic practices.

Moreover, the multidisciplinary nature of the center, which combines the study of various disciplines of humanities and social sciences, is inspired by the successful program of Philosophy, Politics and Economics, or “PPE”, which has been successfully developed for decades in prestigeous institutions such as the University of Oxford and the London School of Economics.

FARO UDD intends to develop a wide range of activities, combining a traditional academic profile, focused on undergraduate and postgraduate programs, and research, with other activities that bring academic thoughts and discussions closer to the public and contribute to the formation of new generations. In this way, FARO UDD aims to deepen the entailment between the university and the community, undertaking its duty to effective social responsibility.