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Educational model: Philosophy, Politics and Economics

FARO UDD has designed its undergraduate and postgraduate academic training programs based on the educational model that combines the joint study of philosophy, politics, and economics. This interdisciplinary model has been adopted for decades in prestigious universities around the world, and is known as Philosophy, Politics and Economics (“PPE”).

The PPE is born from the conviction that the coordinated study of the great modern works of economic, political and philosophical thought have a transforming effect on the intellectual life of students and, therefore, on society in general.

From a historical point of view, philosophy, politics and economics were disciplines that for centuries were studied in an integrated manner at the academic level. It is only from the second half of the eighteenth century, that a process of disciplinary differentiation begins, which consolidated by the end of the nineteenth century, when it was possible to identify each of these areas of study as autonomous disciplines, each one distinictive from the other. The described process of disciplinary differentiation responded to the practical demand for specialization posed by the Industrial Revolution over academic research.

However, the advantages that the joint study of philosophy, politics and economics entails for students, especially in terms of reflecting the connections and tensions between the three disciplines, required the academic community to resume their joint study. The heyday of the PPE coincided, in fact, with the rise of liberal democracy and with the dynamism of the commercial culture that caused the expansion of capitalism in the West.

It is possible to ascertain the revival of the PPE at the University of Oxford in 1924. Today, the multidisciplinary study of Philosophy, Politics and Economics has spread to more than one hundred institutions throughout the world.

FARO UDD seeks to be a pioneer and the key catalyst for philosophical, political and economic reflections in Chile, offering not only to the UDD community, but also to the entire national and international academic and non-academic community, a unique Master’s Program and courses at undergraduate level and continuing education in PPE.

At its different levels (undergraduate, master’s program or continuing education), the PPE experience brings together some of the most relevant approaches to understanding the world around us, and allows the development of skills that are necessary for a wide range of professional careers and activities.